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Hi, and welcome to the Stephen King Uncollected Page! We're in the process of revamping the entire site and making it more user-friendly and more comprehensive. I've decided to seprate fiction and poetry into seperate categories, and to add a non-fiction section. WIth the advent of On Writing due out next year, I can't continue to ignore King's shorter non-fiction on this site any longer. People have a right to know!

I'm not including detailed descriptions of the stories listed herein. This page of the site is meant to be a shorthand resource, and, as well as something fun to pique your interest. (I know if I'd seen a list like this when I was just getting into King, I would have flipped!) In addition, though, I don't want to steal the thunder from two other books that deal with the subject of "hidden" King far better than I ever could.

Stephen Spignesi's The Lost Work of Stephen King is one of the best books on King, period. Released in 1998, this book covered nearly every uncollected (i.e., story not found in a King book) tale from his juvinilia written with Chris Chesney in the sixties all the way up to "Everything's Eventual," written in the late 90s. As usual, Spignesi's enthusiam and almost spooky breadth of knowledge makes the book an indispensible resource. The only drawback is the inevitable one - King keeps writing, and the book is now out of date. Some of the stories have since been collected (the collection Everything's Eventual was released after this), and King has of course continued to put stuff out that has yet to be anthologized. Still, books on King are bound to go out of date even before they hit bookstore shelves, and that's no reason to cast them aside (Stephen King: The Art of Darkness remains one of the best books on King, and it hasn't been updated since the mid-80s!) Kids, I highly recommend this and any other book by Spignesi, and if you don't own it, you're doing a disservice to yourself. Interested? Buy it here.

Titled Stephen King: Uncollected and Unpublished, this newer book updates and expands Spignesi's greatly. Newer to the King lit crit scene is Rocky Wood, a completist by nature (he's done three editions now of The Complete Guide to the Works of Stephen King - and he does mean complete). It's set up in an interesting style, going strictly alphabetical and discussing the particulars of the story as well as its publication. Best yet, two previously obscure King works - the poem "Dino" and a long excerpt from King's unpublished novel Sword in the Darkness - are included. Since the publication of Spignesi's book, a wealth of unpublished and uncollected Stephen King material has been uncovered, making this new book just as important. Rocky Wood and his contributors have done their homework, and it shows. A must-have. You can pick it up here.

Okay, enough pimping. Below is a list of all the uncollected Stephen King stuff I know about. As you can see, the fiction (including novels, stories, and poetry) is far more organized and complete than the nonfiction ... partially because King writes a lot of nonfiction. It is my goal to either streamline the nonfic section or simply try to track down every non-fic thing he's published. Which could take awhile. Meanwhile, enjoy the list, enjoy the hunt, and enjoy the stories.


  • The Aftermath
    1. unpublished. 50,000 words (written in 1963)

  • The Cannibals (aka Under the Dome)
    1. unpublished and unfinished. (1983)

  • Comb Dump
    1. unpublished and unfinished

  • The Corner
    1. unpublished, possibly unfinished. Not much known.

  • The Doors
    1. unpublished, possibly unfinished. Probably not about Jim Morrison.

  • George D.X. McArdle
    1. unpublished, possibly unfinished.

  • The House on Value Street
    1. unpublished and unfinished.

  • Leprechaun, The
    1. unpublished and unfinished (1983)

  • On the Island
    1. unpublished and unfinished

  • Sword in the Darkness (aka Good Day Sunshine)
    1. unpublished. 150,000 words, 485 pages (1970)
    2. Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished, by Rocky Wood (portion only) (2006)

  • Welcome to Clearwater
    1. unpublished and unfinished.

  • Wimsey
    1. unpublished and unfinished.


    After the Play
    1. Afterword to The Shining; lost by King

    1. The Paris Review (Fall, 2007)

    Before The Play
    1. Whispers (1982)
    2. TV Guide [abridged] (1997)

    Blind Willie
    1. Antaeus No 75/76 (Final Volume) (1994)
    2. Six Stories (1997)
    3. Hearts in Atlantis (edited) (1999)

    Blue Air Compressor, The
    1. Onan (1971)
    2. Heavy Metal (1981)

    But Only Darkness Loves Me
    1. unfinished and unpublished

    Cat From Hell, The

    I, for one, have no idea why King has kept this out of his collections. The story has existed since 1977, it's been re-released as recently as 1996. Originally King meant to write the first 500 words, but felt compelled to go further. It was made into a film version in Tales from the Dark Side, The Movie. He even mentions it in the "Notes" section of Skeleton Crew. Wherefore art thou, "Cat from Hell"?

    1. Cavalier [first 500 words, part of a write-in contest] (1977)
    2. Cavalier [entire story] (1977)
    3. Tales of Unknown Horror (1978)
    4. The Year's Best Fantasy (1979)
    5. Magicats! (1984)
    6. New Bern Magazine (1984)
    7. Twists of the Tale (ed. Ellen Datlow) (1996)

    1. unpublished, written when King was 12 (c. 1959)

    Chip Coombs
    1. unfinished and unpublished

    Code Name: MOUSETRAP
    1. uncollected and unpublished

    Crate, The (text version)
    1. Gallery (1979)
    2. Fantasy Annual III (ed. Terry Carr) (1981)
    3. Arbor House Treasury of Horror and the Supernatural (ed. Bill Pronzini) (1981)
    4. Great Tales of Horror and the Supernatural (ed. Bill Pronzini) (1981)

    Cursed Expedition, The
    1. People, Places & Things (1960)

    Demension Warp, The
    1. People, Places & Things (1960)

    An Evening At God's
    1. Unpublished one-act play (1990)

    The Evaluation
    1. unfinished and unpublished

    For The Birds
    1. Bread Any Good Rooks Lately (1986)

    The 43rd Dream
    1. uncollected and unpublished.

    The Furnace
    1. Weekly Reader (2005)

    A note on "The Furnace": like the earlier works "Skybar" and "The Cat From Hell," this is a story fragment rather than an actual story. King wrote only the first two paragraphs, with the indication that readers will finish the tale. Unlike "The Cat From Hell" (but very much like "Skybar"), King intends to not "finish" this story himself.

    General, The
    1. Screamplays (ed. Richard Chizmar) (1997)

    Gingerbread Girl, The
    1. Esquire, July, 2007

    Glass Floor, The
    1. Starlight Mystery Stories, 1967 (fall)
    2. Weird Tales, 1990 (fall)

    1. unpublished

    Graduation Afternoon
    1. Postscripts, Issue 10; April, 2007

    Happy Stamps
    1. unpublished, written when King was 6

    Harvey's Dream
    1. The New Yorker, June 30, 2003

    Heroes For Hope Starring The X-Men
    1. Marvel Comic Book, first segment (illustration by Bernie Wrightson), 1985

    Hotel At The End Of The Road, The
    1. People, Plases & Things (1960)

    I Hate Mondays
    Note: In this short story, King and his son Owen are both characters.
    1. unpublished

    I Was A Teenage Graverobber
    1. Comics Review (1965)
    2. Stories of Suspense (as "In A Half-World Of Terror") (1966)

    I'm Falling
    1. People, Places & Things (1960)

    In A Half World Of Terror a.k.a. I Was A Teenage Graverobber
    1. Stories Of Suspense (1966)

    Jhonathan & The Witchs
    1. First Words (published 1993; written in 1956)

    1. Dave's Rag (King's brother's newsletter) (3 parts, over the winter of 1959-1960)
    2. Secret Windows (2000)

    1. unpublished and unfinished (mid-1980s)

    Killer, The
    1. Famous Monsters Of Filmland (published 1994; written earlier)

    King Family and the Wicked Witch, The a.k.a. The King Family and the Farting Cookie
    1. Flint Magazine (1978)

    Man With A Belly
    1. Cavalier (1978)
    2. Gent (1979)

    1. Tinhouse (2006)
    2. as a backup story in Blaze (2007)

    1. finished but unpublished

    Movie Show
    1. unpublished

    1. unfinished and unpublished

    1. Playboy (2007)

    Never Look Behind You
    1. People, Places & Things, Volume 1, with Chris Chesley (1960)

    The New Lieutenant's Rap
    1. pamphlet, published by Philtrum Press, as a gifts for attendees at King's 25th publishing anniversary party April 6th, 1999 (1999)
    2. Hearts in Atlantis (portion)

    Night Of The Tiger
    1. Fantasy And Science Fiction (February 1978)
    2. The Year's Best Horror Stories (ed. Gerald W. Page)(1979)
    3. The Best Horror Stories from the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction (ed. Edward L. Ferman and Anne Jordan) (1988)
    4. Horrorstory, Volume Three (1992) (ed. Karl Edward Wagner and Gerald W. Page)

    The Old Dude's Ticker
    1. Necon 2000 Commemorative Volume (2000)

    Note: King credits this story as by him and Edgar Allen Poe.

    The Other Side Of The Fog
    1. People, Places & Things, Volume 1 (1960)

    1. unproduced short screenplay, originally to be used in Creepshow 2 (1986)

    The Plant

    This takes a bit of explanation. The Plant was King's original serial novel (okay, if you don't count "Dolan's Cadillac." Or The Gunslinger. But I digress.) The first three parts were sent out in lieu of Christmas cards in 1982, 1983, and 1985 (in '84, people got the Philtrum Press edition of The Eyes of the Dragon.) King dropped The Plant, unfinished, in '85, as he felt the plot was too similar to the film The Little Shop of Horrors.

    In 2000, King decided to ressurect The Plant as an e-book experiment, putting out one part per month over a series of months, for a cost of $1.00-$2.50 per download from his website. The first few parts merely copied the original (good for those who'd never read it) with editing, but the final parts really brough King readers something new and original.

    The Plant still isn't done. There were plans to ressurect the book in 2001 or 2002, but so far, no story. For an even more in-depth discussion of this curious book, check out my page on The Plant.

    No, this really shouldn't be on the short story page. I don't know why I keep it here. Maybe because it's still "Uncollected." Sue me.

    1. Part 1 [original], Philtrum Press chapbook (1982)
    2. Part 2 [original], Philtrum Press chapbook (1983)
    3. Part 3 [original], Philtrum Press chapbook (1985)
    4. Part 1, [new], Philtrum Press ebook (July 2000)
    5. Part 2, [new], Philtrum Press ebook (August 2000)
    6. Part 3, [new], Philtrum Press ebook (September 2000)
    7. Part 4, Philtrum Press ebook (October 2000)
    8. Part 5, Philtrum Press ebook (November 2000)
    9. Part 6, Philtrum Press ebook (December 2000)

    A Possible Fairy Tale
    1. The Paper (a special publication of Maine Campus) (May 8, 1970)

    Premium Harmony
    1. The New Yorker (November 9, 2009)

    The Reploids
    1. Night Visions 5 (ed. Douglas Winter)(1988)
    --> aka The Skin Trade (paperback)

    Rest Stop
    1. Esquire magazine (November 2003)

    The Revelations of 'Becka Paulson
    1. Rolling Stone magazine, in two parts (July 19th and August 2, 1984)
    2. Skeleton Crew, Scream/Press version only
    3. I Shudder at Your Touch (ed. Michelle Slung)(1991)

    Rush Call
    1. Dave's Rag (King's brother's newsletter) (1960)
    2. Secret Windows (2000)

    1. The Do-It-Yourself Bestseller - A Workbook (1982)

    Quick note about "Skybar": King wrote the beginning and end of this story, with the intention that respondants to The Do-It-Yourself-Bestseller would write the middle. King did something similar with "The Cat From Hell," but unlike that story, King has never "finished" this one.

    Slade (a serial Western parody)
    1.The Maine Campus (June-August 1970)

    Squad D
    1. never published, written for Dangerous Visions 3 (late 1970s)

    The Star Invaders
    1. published by King himself, Triad, Inc. And Gaslight Books (1964)

    Stationary Bike
    1. Borderlands 5 (anthology, ed. by Elizabeth E. Monteleone & Thomas F. Monteleone) (2004)

    The Stranger
    1. People, Places & Things (1960)

    The Thing At The Bottom Of The Well
    1. People, Places & Things (1960)

    The Things They Left Behind
    1. Transgressions (anthology, ed. by Ed McBain) (2005)

    1. He Is Legend: Celebrating Richard Matheson (2005) (w/Joe Hill)

    Time In a Glass That Ran (aka "Last of Here")
    1. unpublished A Very Tight Place
    1. unpublished (2007)

    1. Cavalier (May 1976)
    2. Nugget (April 1979)

    1. unpublished; read aloud by King at Eckard University (2006)
    2. Playboy (December 2006)


    The Dark Man
    1.Ubris (1969)
    2. The Devils Wine (anthology, ed. by Tom Piccirilli) (2004)

    1. Salt Hill Journal (1994)
    2. Stephen King: Uncollected, Unpublished, ed. Rocky Wood et al (2006)

    Donovan's Brain
    1. Moth (1970)
    2. The Devils Wine (anthology, ed. by Tom Piccirilli) (2004)

    The Hardcase Speaks
    1. Contraband #2 (1971)
    2. The Devils Wine (anthology, ed. by Tom Piccirilli) (2004)

    Harrison State Park '68
    1. Ubris (1968)
    2. The Devils Wine (anthology, ed. by Tom Piccirilli) (2004)

    Imaginary Places
    1. unpublished and uncollected

    In The Key Chords Of Dawn...
    1. Onan 1971
    2. The Devils Wine (anthology, ed. by Tom Piccirilli) (2004)

    1. Moth (1970)
    2. The Devils Wine (anthology, ed. by Tom Piccirilli) (2004)

    Woman With Child
    1. Contraband #1 (1971)

    untitled ("She Has Gone to Sleep While...")
    1. Contaband #1 (1971)


    Note: Many thanks to Ed Nomura and Brian Freeman for this section. Right now, it's in no way formatted and looks - I know - horrendous. I'll be fixing this up and adding to it as I go. Enjoy!

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    untitled liner notes "Rekooperation" -- by Al Kooper 1994 untitled note to Trick-or-Treaters Bangor Daily News Oct 31, 1986

    Box 1012

    The contents of Box 1012, located in the Fogler Library in Orono Maine, follow.


    (C) Collected
    (UC) Uncollected, but published somewhere
    (UP) Unpublished

  • But Only Darkness Loves Me (written with Joe King, SK's son) (UP)
  • The Blue Air Compressor (UC)
  • The Boys of Summer (aka "Head Down.")(C)
  • The Cat From Hell (UC)
  • Chattery Teeth (C)
  • Crouch End (C)
  • C.V. (from On Writing) (C)
  • Dedication (C)
  • The Doctor's Case (C)
  • Dolan's Cadillac (C)
  • The End of the Whole Mess (C)
  • It Grows on You (early version) (UC)
  • History Lesson (UP)
  • Home Delivery (C)
  • The House on Maple Street (C)
  • The Ideal, Genuine Man (essay for the Don Robertson book of the same name) (C)
  • Imaginary Places (poem) (UP)
  • Loon Call (UP)
  • The Man in the Black Suit (C)
  • Mobius (UP)
  • The Moving Finger (C)
  • My Pretty Pony (C)
  • Nightmares in the Sky (C)
  • Night of the Tiger (UC)
  • Popsy (C)
  • The Revalations of 'Becka Paulson (C)
  • The Shepherd and His Flock (UP)
  • Sneakers (C)
  • Sorry, Right Number (C)
  • Squad D (UP)
  • Suffer the Little Children (C)
  • That Feeling, You Can Only Say What It Is In French (C)
  • Umney's Last Case (C)
  • The Way Station (C)
  • Will Be Necessary to Stop the Weeds (aka "The Weeds") (UC)