Essays & Reviews

Hi, Kev here. Ever since I've been interested in King, I've been writing essays about him (starting with a very embarassing paper I wrote in my sophomore year in high school called "Banning Books in Bangor." My teacher wasn't all that fond of my overreliance on alliteration. Ah, well.)

I present to you here a batch of my better (?) essays on the subject of King, starting around the time I both discovered the Internet and the online group SKEMERs, one of the longest-running King groups on the Internet. I've also helpfully categorized the essays based on their major themes. Enjoy!

King in General

  • He's Still Got It (1998)
  • From Novice to Hardcore (1999)
  • On Collecting (1999)
  • King Retires? (2000)
  • A Stephen King Primer (2005)
  • The Story of Bachman (2005)

    Books About King

  • Darker Shapes, Bloodier Sheets (The Lost Work of Stephen King, Spignesi) (1998)
  • Terror Incognita (Stephen King Country, Beahm) (2002)
  • Best in Show (The Essential Stephen King, Spignesi) (2002)

    Signings and Sightings

  • Betts Signing '98 (1998)
  • From Bangor to Boston (1998)
  • The King and I (2006)
  • An Evening With Harry, Carrie & Garp (2006)

    Rock Bottom Remainders

  • Rock Bottom Bangor (1998)
  • Where Did They Get This Idea? (1998)
  • Write On! (2000)


  • A SKEMERs History (1997)
  • Five Stories (1st Annual SKEMERs Convention, 1997)
  • They've Been Here Before... (2nd Annual SKEMERs Convention, 1998)
  • It's Bangorrific! (3rd Annual SKEMERs Convention, 1999)