Tour of Duty/A*Team Slash

Zeke is HOT!

This is a site dedicated to the men and other men of the US Military.

Non slashers are welcome.

Coffee.  I'm like coffee.

Here's a neat list of tasty characters:

  • Murdock
  • Face
  • Zeke
  • Purcell
  • That Coffee Guy

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    Tracey's cool. She works at skool.


    I love you Myron. You are the only thing that makes my life worth living in all this hell. Back in the World, I had a home, a job, a life. Here, I only have you. You, and my black, tortured soul, that cries out for love.



  • Pilot
  • Beast from the Belly...
  • Range Rider
  • Dr. Is Out (of the CLOSET!)
  • That one where Murdock gets shot (Soooo sad!)
  • Without Reservations ('bout gettin' NASTY!)
  • Family Reunion (in my PANTS!!)
  • Taxi Cab Wars (not DC Cab, that came later)

    TOD Eps

  • Notes from the Underground
  • The (Panty) Raid
  • Fathers, Brothers, & Sons (TONS of Slashy material here - the closer the relation....)
  • Payback (for the WHORING!)
  • Sealed With a Kiss ("Oh Zeke!" "Oh Purcell!")
  • Doc Hoc (Liplock)
  • Saigon (No Misses Here, Just us MANLY Men ... and our lust)