Stephen King

Hey all! Welcome to the Stephen King STORE! It is here you will find links to many bookstores and mail-order businesses who deal in the King. Enjoy!

Check Roy out! Many think he's just the new guy on the block, but a great many fans swear by him, and I'm among his thousands of happy customers. When spreading your money around, don't forget to check out Roy @ Bad Moon!

Betts Bookstore (run by Stu and Penny Tinker) is the Stephen King MECCA! Located in Bangor and a prime source for rare King stuff, Betts is definitely a fan-oriented place. Make this one of your first stops!

Donald M. Grant, Inc. has been specializing in Stephen King limited editions for decades. The company is best known for the exquisite limiteds of The Dark Tower series, as well as their amazing Desperation and The Talisman limiteds. Upcoming: The Crawling Shadow: The Dark Tower 5 and Black House: THe Talisman, Part 2. Check 'em out!


Rhonda and Keith at the Gargadillo are the new kids on the block, so to speak, but they offer a wide range of genre-oriented stuff, and they're quite "human-friendly." If you're into spreading your money arounfd the horror community, take a stop by the Garg -- tell em Kev sent ya.

Dave at the Overlook is one heck of a nice guy (Yo, Dave!) and carries a whole buncha rare King things. In addition, he's also a publisher, so items like the new Steve Spignesi book come from him direct. Definitely worth your time & cash!

Bunny & Barry Price are two of the coolest SKEMERs, eh! I know these folks personally and they've gotten me and several of my friends some cool books -- check these Cannucks out and see if you don't agree!

Our newest store here, Creed's House gives you a whole lot of info about the books and then leads you to places where you can buy them. Very thorough and well worth the visit. Say hi to Brian!!!

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