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King Links

Official (and Mostly Official) Sites

[the stephen king web presence]
The only official Stephen King site. Always accurate, but sometimes slow confirming rumors & such.

[the betts bookstore king info site]
The best way to keep up on what's going on at Betts, with all their coolest King stuff always right there and available.

[simon & schuster]
Publisher of all of King's mass-market books since Bag of Bones; they are also slowly acquiring rights to all the others. We love S&S.

[donald m. grant books]
Publisher of all of King's Dark Tower books, as well as many other limited editions. Check them out!

[cemetery dance]
Publisher of the quarterly magazine Cemetery Dance (publisher of Bev Vincent's terrific column "Notes from the Dead Zone (now online), plus the best genre fiction on the market today, including King), as well as many limited-edition books, many King-inclusive or King-themed (like the upcoming Secretary of Dreams!). There's a whole King thing going on over there at CD. Go order things from them!

[hard case crime]
Publisher of King's recent The Colorado Kid, along with many other amazing noir/crime novels that will tickle your griftery nerves. The killer inside you will like it!

[zeising books]
Publisher of the limited and gift editions of Insomnia and many other qualiy, non-King books. In addiiton, Zeising Books sells an impressive array of genre fiction, mainstream, and "other." Heh heh heh...

[random house]
Publishers of The Talisman and Black House.

[] is a great horror search engine, with many King links!

News and Information

[lilja's library]
Interviews, fast news, and Tyson Blues - Lilja's Sweden-based site is the one I check out the most.

[bev vincent] - One of the most prolific King critics today. Bev is the "Notes from the Dead Zone" columnist for Cemetery Dance magazine, as well as the author of The Road to the Dark Tower and co-author of The Ultimate Stephen King Quiz Book. His site features a message board with topics on all things King, as well as Bev's own projects. Not to be missed!

[the collector]
The absolute best site on the internet for information on King's myriad limited editions. The Collector is the only site on the internet that focuses specifically (and exhaustively) on this niche in the greater publishing world of Stephen King. Prepare to enjoy immensely.

[the dark tower compendium]
Anthony Schwethelm's AMAZING Dark Tower site was too big to keep on the main Dark Tower page. Check it out now, funk soul brother.

[brian freeman's king news & information]
Brian's site is terrific! Fast news and loads of info - not to be missed!

[stephen king resources]
Karsten's site is SO COOL! It moves beyond a simple list of links by categorizing them against a pleasing, simple background! I'll be back here often!

[malakoff's king pages]
Very detailed site we got going here, with a bunch of fun lists and some cool MIDI. Not updated as of late, but the older stuff is still neat-o.

[the stephen king collectors]
King ain't just a hobby anymore!

King Shops

[betts bookstore]
Betts Bookstore (run by Stu and Penny Tinker) is the Stephen King MECCA! Located in Bangor and a prime source for rare King stuff, Betts is definitely a fan-oriented place. Make this one of your first stops!

[bad moon books]
Check Roy out! A great friend and a terrific dealer besides; I'm among his thousands of happy customers. When spreading your money around, don't forget to check out Roy @ Bad Moon!

[donald m. grant books]
Donald M. Grant, Inc. has been specializing in Stephen King limited editions for decades. The company is best known for the exquisite limiteds of The Dark Tower series, as well as their amazing Desperation and The Talisman limiteds. Upcoming: The Crawling Shadow: The Dark Tower 5 and Black House: The Talisman, Part 2. Check 'em out!

"Your one-stop shop for horror!" This relatively new kid on the block has started things off right, not only featuring lots of limited King, but also hard-to-find books and tales by other authors in the horror community. This site, though new, is a terrific resource for all interested in collecting horror.

[the overlook connection]
Dave at the Overlook is one heck of a nice guy (Yo, Dave!) and carries a whole buncha rare King things. In addition, he's also a publisher, so items like the new Stephen King is Richard Bachman book come from him direct. Definitely worth your time & cash!

Foreign-Language Sites

[marcelo's stephen king site]
This Spanish site makes great use of Flash, and Marcelo also has a King bio out on the street! Check it out!

[le bazaar de stephen king]
My first French Web link! Amusez-vous!

[inside view]
This site just ROCKS, with fast fast news and terrific graphics. Enjoy this one.

[castle rock portal]
This extension of "Inside View" is extensive indeed, with a Dark Tower section called Thunderclap and an area known as Stephen King's Mansion. Very neat!

[needful things]
This is Rosandra's site, quite well done graphically and super-fast with news. Neat as heck!


1. Why doesn't Charnel House have a Stephen King biography on it?
There are many, many King sites on the net with good King biographies, the best being the Official Stephen King Web Presence, written by Tabitha King herself. My site is geared more toward the books than King himself, mainly because I'm a better reviewer than biographer. Put simply, I am more interested in the man's mind than the man's life.

2. How can I get my Stephen King books signed?

Due to King's accident, the list people used to be able to get on, which would guarantee you two signatures per lifetime, has currently been suspended. The people who were on the list will be getting their books in due time, but at this time, no new people are being put on.

The best way to get King books signed is waiting for King to do a book signing tour. He does them rarely, but in my opinion, it's worth the wait. Watching King sign your book is one of those moments you can't ever duplicate.

3. Kev, when will you be writing your final two Dark Tower book reviews?

As soon as I re-read the books. I am generally trying to read a book twice before I write the reviews.

More to come, I swear!

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