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Stephen King E-Mailers

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Hey there, hi there, ho there... and fornit some fornus! There are a few King clubs on the 'net, but SKEMERs, in my humble opinion, is the best. It stands for Stephen King e-mailers, and that's just what it is: we each mail letters to our Prez (who prefers to be called "Dictator") Michelle Rein, who compiles the letters daily and sends them out in a newsletter format. In a way, it's like those funky AOL newsgroups, but people are nicer, letters are longer, and broader opinions and friendships can be shared. Since 1995, the SKEMERs community has forged lasting friendships, ideas, and families - come check us out!

Above, you'll see a bunch of links to various on-site and off-site jumping areas. While I'm a SKEMER, and I don't have to explain myself, there actually are descriptions of the links below. I plan on tossing on a SKEMERs FAQ sometime soon, so keep your eyes peeled (eeewww.)

Kev, Where Do Those Funky Links Take Me?

Glad you asked!

SKEMERs History

A (sorta) current guide to the history of SKEMERs, all the way from the Rose Madder Days until the first SKEMERs Con!

SKEMERs Con '97

A longish essay detailing the first Annual SKEMERs Con in Bangor, with pictures from the trip!

SKEMERs Con '98

Okay, kids, here it is! A full report from SKEMERCON '98. This one is better written than last year's, and this time only contains one picture -- it loads faster that way! Let me know whatcha think!

SKEMERs Con '99

Brand-spankin' new report on the most recent con in Bangor, Maine. It's Bangorrific!

Philly Trip '99

Michelle, the Prez ("Dictator") of SKEMERs gets married, and I live to tell the tale!

Official SKEMERs Site!

This is the big one. Since our webmaster Michael's absence, Michele Ballard and her husband, Andrew, have dilligently taken over the task of keeping the "official" webpage up and running ... and have done Michael even better. The new site features an extensive links area, a customizable bio feature, and the beginnings of a giant SKEMERs archive. If you're into SKEMERs in ANY way, you cannot miss this site.

SKEMERs Cookbook

An on-line feast of riches, this well-structured web cookbook is by, about, and for SKEMERs -- compulsively cross-referenced and there's good eats in there, too!

The Shop

Are you a writer? Do you want to be? Come on and sail over here, to THE SHOP, a writer's group made almost exclusively of SKEMERs. You can critique stories and have your stories critiqued, and also join an in-the-round tale called "Dust." Some of these stories have made it into the annual SKEMERs Anthology -- maybe yours can, too!

I may not update this thing as much as I should, but hey! I'm a Skemer, and I don't have to explain myself!